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Luigi Latini De Marchi - Maitre Venitien  - BACCHUS  AND ARIADNE

Disponible Oeuvre disponible - Prix: 15000 €

Dimensions (cm): H:200 x L:150 x P:8 - Année: 1998



Oeuvre vue 1112 fois- 13 fois ce mois

Description: After killing the terrible Minautor, Theseus weds Ariadne, the daughter of Minos, king of the island of crete, and departs with her by ship. After a storm, the ship lands on the island of Naxos, where Theseus repairs the hull while Ariadne, who is very tired, falls asleep on the shore. A new storm pushes the young husband, in the boat he is repairing, out to sea. Ariadne, desperate, is found by Bacchus who consoles her and makes her his wife. This work is catalogued as N° 180 in the general catalogue B. Technique classique du 17ème siècle (voir présentation)

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