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Luigi Latini De Marchi - Maitre Venitien  - ENDYMION AND SELENE

Disponible Oeuvre disponible - Prix: 18000 €

Dimensions (cm): H:150 x L:200 x P:8 - Année: 1986



Oeuvre vue 1530 fois- 3 fois ce mois

Description: The young shepherd Endymiom, believed to be the son of Zeus, is forced to leave Olympus, the seat of the Gods, for having dared to fall in love with Eris. He is consequently condemned to sleep with his faithfull dog in an eternal slumber in a cave on the summit of mount Latmus. Selene, the moon, discovers him one night in the light of her beams and falls in love with him. Every night she returns to gaze on the handsome youth in silence, kissing him with her pale light.This work is catalogued as N° 172 in the general catalogue B. Technique classique du 17ème siècle (voir présentation)

Promotion de l'artiste: Jorg

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