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Luigi Latini De Marchi - Maitre Venitien  - HERCULES AT THE CROSSROADS

Disponible Oeuvre disponible - Prix: 15000 €

Dimensions (cm): H:200 x L:150 x P:8 - Année: 1997



Oeuvre vue 791 fois- 6 fois ce mois

Description: The painting depicts Hercules meditating on the choice that will determine the mythological episodes of hi life. In front of him is "vice", a nude woman offering him an apple, and "virtue", a woman wearing a laurel wreath. Hercules will shoose the latter and begin his famous labors in the service of "good", This work is catalogued as N° 178 in the general catalogue B. Technique classique du 17ème siècle (voir présentation)

Promotion de l'artiste: Bruno Audouin

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